World Class Business Services

Drum Horse

We admit it’s an unusual name for a business services company.

Particularly one that helps small and medium sized companies focus on their clients while we handle the back office. But the role of the Drum Horse in battle was to keep the beat. A reassuring rhythm that spurred the soldiers on. And it’s what we do.

Tap. We get invoices out on time. Tap. We collect cash owed on time. Tap. We pay staff on time. And, tap, we keep IT systems up, all the time.

Sounds metronomic? It is. Back office functions should – regularly and consistently – tap along in the background, whilst the real music is played out front. Drum horses didn’t win wars, but they did play an important part.

Let us play the same role in your business.

IT Consultancy & Support Services

Our comprehensive range of IT Consultancy and Support services are designed to keep a creative agency’s IT and business systems secure, operational and available at all times. Stringent Service Level Agreements are attached to each service which are all competitively priced.

HR Support Services

Our HR Support services allow creative agencies to offer their staff all the benefits of an in-house HR department, but without incurring the cost. From HR administration to performance management, these services help agencies to recruit, retain and train the best staff available to them.

Finance & Admin Services

Our Finance & Admin services ensure that creative agencies can stay on top of their finances without the need to employ expensive financial staff. From basic book keeping, and ledger management to financial modelling, these services keep deliver near real-time financial management.